Just like every other field, the era of computer science is also encountered with a number of myths. Besides its amazing benefits that are known worldwide, many people still question about the effectiveness of joining this era due to its commonly revolving myths. However, if you are also confused about whether you should enroll in computer science courses or not, you must need to be clear about your fears. Look into the following 3 myths that may be keeping you away from joining this amazing field. Recruitment agencies Birmingham can help you with finding employment after you have completed courses.

Not at all. Computer science courses doesn’t require a person to code throughout the day. Computer science is not only about programming but there are numerous fields in this era. You can either choose a programming/coding field or non-coding field. In the first one, you will need to study the courses that requires you to code for hours while in non-coding field, you will take the courses that will not require coding at all. Recruitment agencies Birmingham can then help you with finding jobs in this field.

It is another top myth that is very common among people. However, there is no ground reality behind it. Regardless of the gender, any person can learn and progress in this field through taking various computer science courses. Even if you are a woman, you can make more progress than men if you struggle for it.

This field doesn’t require you to be good in mathematics. There are numerous computer science courses that doesn’t include math at all. For example, if you opt for software engineering, you will not have to do any coding or to study math. These type of courses are theoretical based and easy to learn for all of the people.